I-say.com Website Review & Ratings + i-say Coupons
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I-say.com Website Review & Ratings + i-say Coupons

When you are seeking someone's opinion on a product or service, you want to hear the voice of someone you trust. This is where a website like i-Say can be so compelling. i-Say participants are not just people mouthing off; they help shape the attitudes of service providers and offerings from service providers. i-Say accomplishes this by putting forth their dedicated group of panel members who take surveys to better inform their friends and neighbors shopping patterns. But what seperates i-Say from any of the other market research company's out there? How does the software at i-Say compete against others trying to reach the same end? Let's have a look and see what people say about i-Say.

i-say: What makes it different?

i-Say may seem like any other firm who does the same thing, but i-Say seems to have a few things on their side. For one they have a community of users who really take pride in the work that they do for i-Say. Moreover the i-Say ethos seems to be that they would rather help try and shape the markets they shop in rather than being coyly led around like lemmings. i-Say panelists even have the opporutnity to get in on the ground floor of some amazing new products and test items before they are brought to market. This hands-on appraoch means that before the products find their way into your home or business they have been carefully tested, screened, and approved so that they will do what the product makers say they are going to.

i-say vs. primary competitors (sites similar to i-say)

Some of the competitor survey panels include familiar names like Opinion Outpost and Surveys.com. These survey panels have done a few things differently than i-Say. Opinion Outpost and Surveys.com admittedly do offer surveys more frequently than i-Say does right now. But as the i-Say campaign gets ramped up survey takers can plan on seeing more chances to earn in thier inbox. Some voices have expressed dissent for i-Say because they do not pay as much as other survey sites. As all who have stayed with i-Say for any length of time are well aware, the long term rewards for a service like i-Say are very attractive.

i-say: Pricing & packages

Folks who sign up with a survery company like i-Say or any other should never have to pay for the service. A commerical website like Angie's List may try to rope people into paying to share their thoughts but for the most part people are hip to that jive. Having to pay to share your opinion and help the market makers make their markets is something which most consumers reject outright. If you are ever asked to pay for a website like i-Say or any other you should carefully read over their guidelines. If a website which claims to be free does try to prompt you to enter in financial information you should report them right away.

i-say: Product images & screenshots
i-say Coupons
i-say: Customer reviews & comments

Customers have been largely positive about the progress of a website like i-Say. Folks have said that sometimes there have been glitches which have led to their accounts being frozen or nullified, but those are largely the minority. Most people enjoy the free products they get from i-Say, the fun interaction and fellow survey taker feedback, and the checks which i-Say sends out don't hurt either. Finding out about products which others may one day buy can be a rewarding experience for participants at a website like i-Say. If you're interested in helping to shape the curve of what people buy and why, you should check out i-Say. For a survey taking site, you could do far worse than i-Say.

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Very informative.

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Mae Moreno — 75 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“I-Say is a great surveys company”

I-Say is a great survey site.It is one of the top legitimate and free online surveys for money sites.They are in this business for a long time.Their long experience is a guarantee that they pay on time.

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