I-say.com Website Review & Ratings + i-Say.com Coupons
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I-say.com Website Review & Ratings + i-Say.com Coupons

i-Say is a fun, colorful website rolled out by Ipsos Corporation, one of the leading global research companies. i-Say is the platform for its members to take online surveys to earn points to redeem for cash, pre-paid gift cards, sweepstakes and donations to charities. i-Say panel membership is available to Americans and Canadians.

On registration, panel members automatically acquire an account accessible by signing into the website. Available surveys and points balance are on the individual accounts. Each survey completed adds a designated number of points to a member's account. Points awarded for surveys vary depending on factors such as survey length. i-Say users qualify for different items depending on number of points earned.

Panel members are also entitled to enter exciting contests such as the Monthly Points Giveaway. Each month, ten members are randomly selected to receive a bonus 2,500 points. A member active for a quarter of the year, between designated dates, is in addition eligible for the $5,000 Member Contest.

Joining i-Say is a simple process that begins by filling out the website registration form and then responding to the email sent to confirm membership. The registration form helps i-Say gather information to determine which surveys to send members that apply to their lifestyle.

According to the website and individual experience, one to four surveys are available to each member per month. There is no obligation to complete each survey, however these are missed opportunities to earn points. Surveys are available by email invitation and by logging onto the website.

i-Say.com: What makes it different?

i-Say offers members many features unique from competing online survey companies. The Loyalty Program, for instance, gives members extra points each time a certain number of surveys is completed. While taking five surveys will give 25 points, 100 surveys automatically amounts to an extra 300 points. No contest win is needed to earn these points, instead members are offered incentive to continue completing surveys.

Winners are listed and readily available on the website, accessible even to non-members, with photo, prize, and explanation of how prize was won (such as which contest). The transparency adds legitimacy to the website as viewers are able to see recent winners. i-Say also does not promise large monetary reward for completing surveys but is instead realistic about the time needed to acquire points for rewards. This is in contrast to survey companies that promise large income without being able to follow through.

i-Say offers participants the chance to weigh in on products and services before they hit the market, standing behind the notion that one person's opinion really can make a difference. For instance, surveys may relate to upcoming commercials or product packaging that is new to stores. The website is more interactive than many other online survey companies as well by incorporating a blog into the website. i-Say News features posts on website updates and current events. Members can comment directly underneath articles on the blog and share on Facebook and Twitter. Many survey companies do not offer such ingenious interactive concepts.

i-Say becomes even more respectable than its competitors when viewers see that pre-paid American Express cards are a feature reward. With the backing not only of the global company Ipsos but also a large credit card company, legitimacy of i-Say is clear. American Express is also available in a variety of shops and geographic locations, making use of the reward an easy process.

Fun activities free to members fill the site's 'Extras' section and are an upbeat way to interact with other members. In the 'take a fun survey' section, take surveys to give opinions on subjects without the intention of getting points. The 'point' is not a cash reward but instead a platform to give opinions. Surveys take five minutes at most and illustrate that i-Say is an experience as well as a way to accumulate points for rewards.

i-Say.com vs. primary competitors (sites similar to i-Say.com)

Ipsos i-Say offers a few more unique features that set it apart and ahead of competitors NPD Online Research and Global Test Market.

The game Poll Predictor is a primary example. After each i-Say survey is completed, the member is taken to the Poll Predictor game to guess what percentage of Americans or Canadians answered yes to a random question. The member uses a sliding bar to choose a percentage between zero and 100. A certain number of contest entries are awarded depending how close the member is to the correct answer. Each contest has an end date, with winner randomly drawn and notified by email.

While NPD Online Research offers its members contest entries in return for taking surveys, its participants are not given opportunity to vary the total number of entries awarded by answering a random question. Poll Predictor gives participants more of a feeling of being in control of their points. As well, participants can enjoy that the question is specialized to the country where they live, being a question about the Canadian population for a Canadian member rather than American.

i-Say also has an advantage over NPD regarding how to gain access to survey invitations. NPD only offer surveys by email invitation, whereas i-Say offers this feature along with the 'available surveys' section of the website. Members can therefore be proactive in searching for surveys to take rather than having to wait for surveys to reach their email Inbox.

Although surveys can be reached by these two locations, the number of countries reached by i-Say is substantially less than competitor Global Test Market. While Global Test Market has members in 49 countries, only residents of Canada and the United States can currently register for i-Say.

Despite this limitation, i-Say does include charitable donations as an option for redeeming points while Global Test Market does not. Donations can be contributed to Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, among several others. i-Say also delivers a newsletter by email once a month to its members, unlike Global Test Market. The newsletter includes recent blog post links and a tip of the month, which points to specific parts of the website that users may have overlooked.

i-Say.com: Pricing & packages

Ipsos i-Say is free to join for residents of North America who have a valid email address. No fees are required to participate.

Points are awarded by check delivered by mail, with Ipsos covering postage fees. The website estimates five to eight weeks for check delivery. With many online survey companies turning to PayPal as a means to award cash, i-Say may wish to pursue this option in the future as well. PayPal could have faster processing for its members, allowing them to receive sooner any earned sums of cash. Faster rewards could also boost interest in the website even further than the present.

i-Say.com: Product images & screenshots
i-Say.com Coupons
i-Say.com: Customer reviews & comments

Online feedback for i-Say includes praise for its clear and easy-to-navigate website. Sections such as 'My Surveys,' 'Rewards,' and 'Extras' provide easy links for members with common sense approach. Negative comments about the website include lengthy load time between screens and the limited type of browsers on which the website can be properly viewed.

Positive reviews surround the loyalty bonuses available to participants and the easy nature of the surveys. Feedback on the Poll Predictor is that it is a fun way to accumulate contest entries. Several user reviews cite the survey as being a faster way to reach cash payout than many of its online competitors.

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Mae Moreno — 74 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“I-Say is a great surveys company”

I-Say is a great survey site.It is one of the top legitimate and free online surveys for money sites.They are in this business for a long time.Their long experience is a guarantee that they pay on time.

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