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NPD Online Research is a survey subset of The NPD Group, a company which provides market research data to Fortune 500 companies in several industries. An acronym for National Purchase Diary, NPD collects worldwide consumer data by administering surveys through NPD Online Research and analyzing results. Approximately 13 million surveys are completed by NPD participants per year through their website!

NPD offers exciting opportunities to earn money by becoming a member of its online research panel. No credentials are needed.Membership involves simply completing online surveys and deciding how to dispense the points that result. With each survey taken, members acquire points to use toward contests for products, trips and cash.

Joining the NPD ranks is as easy as signing onto their email list on their website and filling out the auto-generated introductory email. From there, the survey invitations arrive direct to the user's email Inbox. Approximately eight survey opportunities await participants throughout each month. Surveys only take 10 to 15 minutes based on personal experience and user reviews.

NPD surveys explore consumer purchase habits in industries such as music, beauty, and food and beverage. Questions pertain to products bought, services sought, and stores frequented. Participants simply answer questions honestly regarding their shopping habits.

Points are accumulated by taking surveys and are added to a member's account. Each point earned equals one entry into an upcoming contest and therefore a possible win. Upon sign-up, NPD users are automatically registered to connected site Sweepland where their points are deposited and used to enter contests.

Sweepstakes currently include prizes such as a trip to Paris, laptop computer, and 1000 Air Miles reward miles. The instant win game on the Sweepland site offers members chances to use their points to immediately win cash. Daily 100 dollar draws, monthly 1000 dollar draws, and seasonal 5,000 dollar sweepstakes are also great opportunities to earn cash.

NPD Online Research: What makes it different?

While many survey companies are available online, NPD Online Research offers participants opportunities to dispense their points where they wish. Users decide how many entries to put toward particular sweepstakes rather than having one standard entry per survey taken. More control therefore lies with the NPD panelist, who chooses how many points to put toward whichever contest meets their current desires.

The NPD Group sets to rest any concerns of participants that their personal information given during surveys could be shared with third parties. The website guarantees email addresses of members are not sold or shared, unlike other online survey groups. Also unique to NPD Online Research is that surveys can only be accessed by way of survey invitation delivered to the user's email. While other survey sites post available surveys on website in addition to the email invitations, NPD surveys can only be accessed by email invite. Also differentiating NPD from its competitors is the notion that survey completion does not add dollar or cents value, but instead adds points toward chances to win prizes. These 'chances' are opportunities for income rather than being a specific dollar value earned for each survey taken. However, NPD does not require any fees for participation and makes no qualms about offering opportunities to earn rather than set guarantees.

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NPD Online Research vs. primary competitors (sites similar to NPD Online Research)

NPD Online Research faces a slew of competitors vying for the online survey market. This competition is apparent by the numerous survey companies listed following a web search that includes the words 'online', 'survey', and 'money'. Strong competitors are Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market.

NPD is at a disadvantage to both of these rivals who offer its members guaranteed monetary earnings for each survey completed. NPD Online Research does not offer assurance of money but rather the opportunity to earn cash through contest entries.

NPD does come out ahead however in its variety of prizes to win through contests. While Opinion Outpost offers a quarterly cash prize draw, NPD offers weekly, monthly and seasonal cash draws. As well, NPD surveys are rarely more than ten minutes while these competitors' surveys can be lengthier at upwards of twenty minutes.

Another difference concerns the use of points. Members of Global Test Market have less bargaining room with the points they earn by completing surveys than do NPD survey members. For instance, Global Test Market brags that 1,000 points earns 50 US dollars but there is not the option to play with the points for instant win cash prizes or entry to win larger sums such as 5,000 dollars. Indeed, an NPD survey member can win cash by only taking one survey. All it takes is one entry earned by completing one survey to win an NPD contest!

NPD Online Research members can use their points strategically in another form as well. For instance, members could delegate more points toward a contest with a smaller prize that likely has less entries than does the larger prized contest. Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market meanwhile are limited in their use of points by members.

NPD Online Research: Pricing & packages

Free, free, and free! The cost to join the NPD Online Research panel is just that: free. Sign up is available online worldwide and no credentials are needed. Participants must be 13 years or older to join.

Not all online survey companies offer membership without charge. Some companies insist users pay a one-time fee to help cover administrative fees to maintain their website. Others offer substantial income opportunity by taking their surveys however are unable to deliver the sums of which they brag. While NPD Online Research does not offer set monetary amounts for taking surveys, there is no loss of user fees or disappointment over only a few cents earned per survey.

NPD Online Research: Product images & screenshots
NPD Online Research Coupons
NPD Online Research: Customer reviews & comments

The NPD Online Research website lists recent contest winners, divided into lists according to prizes won. These lists as well as NPD company details outlined on the site create transparency and therefore lend credibility to the research company. By users being able to view past winners, contests are seen as valid and not just a means to collect their personal data. Company details gives website visitors the opportunity to see that NPD is not a fly-by-night operation as it was founded in 1967. Customer reviews on the web back up the notion that NPD surveys are not a scam as the NPD Group has other operations than administering surveys and is a global powerhouse.

User reviews do point out the link to Sweepland as confusing for new members. Perhaps the explanation that points accumulate and are used through the adjoining site should be stated more clearly on the site for first-time users.

The reviews also explain that users looking for guaranteed sources of income through surveys may not be well suited for the NPD Online Research panel. This declaration is accurate and helps clear up for those interested in the research panel what is to be expected by completing the surveys. Although income is not a guarantee, the surveys are easy to take and do offer great prizes from a highly reputable company.

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Comments (3)

I was looking for the online paid survey companies but I was not getting the satisfaction. The way you describes each and everything in this review I got impress from NPD Online Research's services and before making the comments over here I signed up at there website. Thank You for your excellent review. Voted up

Ranked #95 in

Thank you for providing this detailed review. Until I read this, I was under the impression that survey sites were a waste of time as well as a way for unscrupulous marketers to harvest your email.

I agree that they aren't a scam. I like this survey company, but don't do any survey with them since you don't get paid in cash.  The survey takers earn sweepstakes entries, which is cool.  But, I prefer to be paid in cash or gift card for my time. 

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