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Valued Opinions is a well established, international web site that pays consumers to take online surveys. It is free to join and you are paid to take simple and easy surveys. These vary in length and the amount you are paid reflects how long it takes to complete each survey. A ten minute survey usually pays £0.50, ($0.82), twenty minutes between £0.75 - £1,  ($1.25 - $1.65), and thirty minutes between £1.50 – 2.00, ($2.45 - $3.30).

The surveys are simple and easy to follow and normally take more or less the time Valued Opinions state. Payout happens when you reach £10, but this does not take long as they send about 10 surveys a week, and screen out only happens is a few of these, about 1 - 2% of the surveys. Many people can make at least £10 a month from this site.

The payment is in vouchers and you can choose a different one each time. The list is quite long and includes; Amazon, M & S, Boots, Argos, HMV and many more high Street shops. Unfortunately not many supermarket vouchers are offered, but this may change as another one has already been added recently.

Any queries receive a prompt reply, which appears rare in this field.

Valued Opinions: What makes it different?

If you want to make some extra money, Valued Opinions is a worthwhile site.

There are many companies offering “cash for surveys”, but few are worth the effort. Some companies send 2 or 3 surveys a month and it takes a very long time to reach the minimum threshold for payment. Others do not credit your account with the full amount of points or money you are owed and some never send the payment al all, while others send it 7 – 8 months late. Most tell you the survey will take 20 minutes, but really takes 45 minutes, so although it is not worth the bother, you only realize this too late.

Many screen you out well into the survey, (some even at 98%), letting them gather data without paying anything.

Valued Opinions send enough surveys, they are about the length stated, all the money is credited to your account and payment arrives promptly around 7 – 10 days after requesting it, and screen out, which does not happen often, takes place around 10 – 15% through the survey.

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Valued Opinions vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Valued Opinions)

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions had many competitors, but few worth mentioning. Checking out the top survey sites will give you different “top 10 sites” and Valued Opinions is usually around the top of these lists.

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is similar to Valued Opinions in so much as it pays you to take surveys. You are paid in points which then convert into money; 1,000 points = $50, (around £30), paid by check in your local currency, about 14 days after requesting it.

They often award a small number of points even if you screen out, which most competitors do not do. The surveys are paid quite well, but you generally receive about 6-8 a week and half of these do not pay, (they give a prize draw entry, so if you are very, very lucky it may be worth your while), of the remaining 4 or so, screen out happens about 50% of the time. This leaves little change of building up points and it can take 5 or 6 months before reaching the threshold.


Toluna is another site found in most top 10 lists, but why is anybody’s guess.

It works much the same way as the other two sites except that nearly half the points earned, are never credited and if you look at the site you can see a huge list of users complaining about “missing points”, late screen out, lack of payment and late payment.

Payment can be up to 6 months late – if it comes and Toluna do not generally bother replying to emails.

Screen out happens often and late, (at 98% of a 45 minute survey, which really takes 60 minutes), and most users complete 1 survey every 30.

Toluna offers product testing of TVs, ipads and other interesting things – or so it says. Messages left on the site by users ask if anyone has ever tested any of these, and the answer is always – no, or –only a hair elastic band or a small packet of biscuits.

On Toluna you can create your own polls and questions and get points depending on how many answers you get, but again as often as not, no points are forthcoming for these. The most popular ones are about the bad management at Toluna, missing points and payment, but these often get removed by Toluna along with other random posts.

The monthly £5000 prize draw is to be avoided, as winners tend to be selected from ineligible people or people who had been removed from the site before winning.           

Valued Opinions: Pricing & packages

Valued Opinions

10 minute survey usually pays £0.50, ($0.82), 20 minutes between £0.75 - £1, ($1.25 - $1.65), and 30 minutes between £1.50 – 2.00, ($2.45 - $3.30).

£10, ($16.50) gives you a voucher for a choice of shops.

Global Test Market

45 points 25 minutes Global Test Market

1,000 points = $50, (around £30)


80,000 points gets you a £15, ($25), voucher for HMV, Amazon, Love to Shop or the prize draw. Love to shop is a voucher for many high street shops.

Points per survey vary greatly, you may be offered 1,800 for 45 minutes or 5,000 for 10 minutes.

Approximately 2,500 points = £0.10, ($0.16)

Valued Opinions is without doubt the best value survey site. It is just a shame they do not offer payment Pay Pal, but maybe in the future they will.

Valued Opinions: Product images & screenshots
Valued Opinions Coupons
Valued Opinions: Customer reviews & comments

There is a “Survey Police Site” on the Internet and Valued Opinions is promoted on their site and listed in their top 10 survey sites.

User reviews of this site:

“I have personally found the surveys interesting and not too long winded considering the level of reimbursement is on average £1.50 for a five to ten minute survey.  They also seem to offer surveys quite often which is encouraging.  Valued Opinions is one of the top survey sites out there, so if your looking for a survey site to join then it’s well worthwhile.”

“I joined Valued Opinions a little over 6 months ago. In that time, I haven’t had any major problems with them. They’ve always paid me on time, and their website is easy to navigate. I don’t get a ton of survey opportunities from them, but I get enough to make the site worth my time. One nice thing is that Valued Opinions does a good job of pre screening for surveys.”

“I have been doing online surveys to make extra money for more than 2 years now. In this time, I have worked with a TON of companies. Some were excellent, and treated me fairly, while others were horribly inefficient or even just outright scams.
I found Valued Opinions a little more than 6 months ago. I’ve been doing surveys for them ever since, and I am happy with the company.”

“The surveys are always very easy to do and usually pretty quick, there is nothing worse then being stuck on a survey for 30 minutes or more, fortunately this doesn't happen at Valued Opinions.”

“I really like this site even though it isn't a survey site that pays Pay Pal or a survey site that pay's be check either for that matter, but yeah you have read it right this site is really, really good.”

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An excellent review Jill. I have done Valued Opinion surveys in the past. Not cost effective for me.

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