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Many companies use surveys as a way to gather public opinion on products or the way a company does business. Most companies will hire a third-party agency to collect survey data for them. One of those survey companies is VCM Research.

VCM Research offers surveys for the public to fill out, and issues rewards for the completion of these surveys. Filling out surveys with VCM Research is very easy. You go to their website and fill out a brief application. Once you fill out the application, you will be given your first survey. This survey is a basic questionnaire that gives the company a general profile of you. They will then use that profile to send you surveys that fit your profile categories. The good news is that filling out this questionnaire will earn you $1.00. They also have a referral program where you can earn up to $2.00 per each friend that signs up with them.

VCM Research: What makes it different?

Most survey companies offer cash rewards or point systems where you can trade points for merchandise. VCM Research has a system where you trade the money accumulated in your account for one of several gift certificates. These certificates can range from a $20 Amazon gift card to a $20 gift card. When you sign up at VCM Research, you choose which gift certificate you want to work toward from a drop down menu. When you reach the chosen dollar amount, you can then request your gift certificate. Although the types of gift cards that you receive is limited to less than 10, they will send the rewards to you in a timely fashion.

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VCM Research vs. primary competitors (sites similar to VCM Research)

There are many reputable survey companies beside VCM Research that you can sign up with and earn money. A little research on the internet will find many that you can sign up with.

Pinecone Research is one of the best paying survey companies on the market. Once you fill out the questionnaire, they will send you surveys based on your profile. Completing a survey will earn you $3.00 that will be deposited straight into your Paypal account. The great thing about Pinecone Research is that you always qualify for the survey that they send you. If you fill out the survey correctly, they will send you the $3.00 promptly.

I Say is currently a highly popular company where you accumulate points that you cash out in the form of Paypal transfer, amazon gift card, American Express gift card. The dollar amounts for cash out start at only $10.00. You won’t qualify for every survey, but it does not take you very long to qualify for a gift card.

Opinion Outpost sends you several surveys for you to fill out each week. They issue Opinion Points which are credited to your account. You can cash out for $10.00 to your Paypal account when you accumulate 100 points. The good thing is that most surveys are worth 10 -20 points each. The bad thing is that you qualify for less than 30% of the surveys that they send to you.

VCM Research: Pricing & packages

The good news is that VCM Research costs nothing to join. All reputable survey companies will not charge you anything to be part of their survey team.  There are several companies that will charge you a fee for a list of survey companies that pay you money. They even advertise that you can make hundreds of dollars a week. Don’t fall for these scams. You will not make hundreds of dollars doing surveys from your own home.  A list of paying survey websites is easy to find on the internet with a little effort and an honest survey company will never have any hidden fees or membership costs.

VCM Research: Product images & screenshots
VCM Research Coupons
VCM Research: Customer reviews & comments

VCM Research has an easy and rewarding way to take surveys. They have generated many positive reviews from users in the past couple of years. has regarded them as “very honest and forthcoming when it comes to crediting the member’s accounts”. Reviewopedia says that members interviewed have stated that they are “receiving their vouchers in decent time frames and being able to redeem them with no problem”.

VCM Research has been an easy company to take surveys with, but they do have two drawbacks. The surveys do not come on a regular basis. Sometimes you have to wait several days just to have one sent to your e-mail address. Another drawback is the fact that you have to wait until the entire study is completed. This sometimes takes up to 28 days before your account is credited.

The great thing is that VCM Research is not a scam and they do pay you for completing surveys. If you like taking surveys and have some free time on your hand, VCM Research can earn you some extra spending cash.

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Comments (2)

Another great review...

I have tried Opinion Outpost, and have not earned any money, but, as you say, qualifying to take the polls is difficult. I have not tried VCM surveys, but I might check into it. Thanks for these comparisons.

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