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Winning Surveys is a survey website, and it is one of the websites owned and operated by Vente, Inc. now a part of Q Interactive.  It is a free survey site with lots of chances to opt-in to other survey companies Winning Surveys is affiliated with to increase your chances of earning money.  

First, you sign up and fill out a questionnaire lasting approximately five minutes.  This questionnaire asks for the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Your demographics
  • Your financial habits (investing, loans, spending)

Upon completion of the questionnaire, and confirmation of your email, you can earn a $20.00 reward, which is put toward companies such as Omaha Steaks, and you are placed in a quarterly sweepstakes entry to win either the following prizes:

Other companies you sign up with during your survey, if you choose to sign up for their services will send you promotions and coupons primarily through your email.  

WinningSurveys: What makes it different?

Winning Surveys is different because 

  • You do not need a username and password to continue on with surveys sponsored by Winning Surveys.  It is convenient if you typically forget your information.  Make sure you are using your own computer and not a public computer for your safety.
  • It is easy to redeem your $20.00 prize.  You can use it as soon as you complete your initial survey.  You do not have to wait for your $20.00 prize like you would in a lot of other sites.  
  • Winning Surveys has a $50,000.00 grand prize opportunity every quarter.  In total, Winning Surveys gives over $200,000.00 away each year.  
  • Winning Surveys lists the past winners of the drawings on the website.  They have the winners up until the third quarter of 2011.
  • You can mail a 3.5 x 5.5 card to Winning Surveys with your name, age, mailing address, and email if you do not wish to give your phone number for a chance to win as well.  
  • You can join as few or as many offers as you would like through the Winning Surveys website.  Although there are some offers Winning Surveys promotes heavily, they do not force you to sign up for a certain offer to receive credit.  
WinningSurveys vs. primary competitors (sites similar to WinningSurveys)

Winning Surveys competes with Global Test Market and Inbox Dollars.  You can earn cash with all three sites.  Global Test Market is also exclusively an online survey site.  Inbox Dollars has surveys within their sites, but there are other ways to earn as well.  Listed below are positive and negative aspects of Winning Surveys in comparison to its competitors. 

Winning Surveys vs. Global Test Market: 

  • 3 Pros
    • Winning Surveys has a larger grand prize opportunity than Global Test Market.
    • Winning Surveys have shorter survey opportunities, not including surveys with partner sites.  Also, with Global Test Market, you frequently run into situations where you have taken a survey for five to fifteen minutes, then you find out you do not qualify for the survey.  You do not get rejected from surveys Winning Surveys. 
    • While you can earn your $20.00 reward after completing the first survey on Winning Surveys.  It typically takes a long time to reach the $50.00 threshold on Global Test Market, where you can cash out. 
  • 3 Cons
    • Winning Surveys does not offer cash just for filling out a survey like Global Test Market does.
    • It is harder to win the sweepstakes on Winning Surveys than it is to cash out on Global Test Market.
    • The $20.00 reward on Winning Surveys is not a cash reward.  Global Test Market only offers cash rewards.  A lot of survey takers would rather have cash than a discount unless it is a product they absolutely want.

Winning Surveys vs. Inbox Dollars:

  • 3 Pros
    • Winning Surveys also has a larger grand prize opportunity than Inbox Dollars.
    • Inbox Dollars users also run into not qualifying for many of the surveys as opposed to Winning Surveys.
    • It also can potentially take a while to cash out at the $30.00 threshold on Inbox Dollars.  It takes a lot less time to earn a $20.00 instant discount and a receive a chance to win $50,000.00 if someone is really busy otherwise.  
  • 3 Cons
    • Inbox Dollars also pays in cash, which can be an advantage to users who just want to be paid in money upfront.  
    • Inbox Dollars has a referral program.  You can earn money from your referrals too.  Winning Surveys does not have a referral program.
    • Inbox Dollars has a lot more ways to earn money besides just surveys.  Winning surveys is strictly a survey site, which limits the ways you can earn income.  
WinningSurveys: Pricing & packages

Winning Surveys does not cost anything to join.  However, there may be some offers you opt into to earn certain prizes.  There are companies who offer products or services for sale through links at Winning Surveys while you are taking your surveys.  Often, they may be part of the survey questions themselves.  In turn, Winning Surveys earns commission through that sale or sign up.  If you choose to redeem your $20.00 prize, then you would spend money on the product you are putting the $20.00 prize towards.  

Winning Surveys is partnered with other quality survey sites, making it a one-stop shop to get started on a part time income from home taking surveys, which you can join during your initial five minute survey with Winning Surveys.  You earn your income from the sites you join through Winning Surveys.

Global Test Market and Inbox Dollars do not cost anything either.  They are free survey sites.  Global Test Market lets you cash out after you make $50.00.  Inbox Dollars pays you after you earn $30.00 on their site.  You get paid by market research companies to take the surveys so they can get honest feedback about products.

WinningSurveys: Product images & screenshots
WinningSurveys Coupons
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WinningSurveys: Customer reviews & comments

Winning Surveys does have any customer reviews online.  It is possibly because they do not sell anything and any monetary transaction is made through a third party web affiliate.   I found a couple reviews about Vente Inc., the company that owns Winning Surveys and several other websites.  In addition to the reviews about Vente Inc, I found one review for Q Interactive, the advertising and publishing company Vente Inc became a part of.  

"Q Interactive has been a reliable partner in helping us achieve our circulation goals. We have been able to count 
on Q Interactive to consistently acquire quality consumers across the internet."

- Hachette Filipacchi, Media U.S.

These are reviews gathered from the home page of the Vente Inc. website

A Fortune 500 Company said:

"Excellent, Vente has really proved themselves.  They have satisfied all of our needs and they've been very timely."

List Management Company said:

"Vente's email campaigns have been extremely responsive!"

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